There Can Never Be Too Much…

Photo by EuroMagic

I’ve had a theory for some time now…there is no food out there that cannot be improved by either a little garlic or chocolate. Think about it…

Chocolate and Garlic

Any food out there… add either chocolate or garlic to the flavor… and it becomes better.

Milk -> Chocolate milk
Fruit –> chocolate fondued fruit
Shrimp –> scampi

I haven’t found a single food that doesn’t fall under these criteria.

There Can’t Be Too Much…

And I have also maintained that there is no such thing as too much of either.

It’s a running joke between my daughter and I. She maintains there can be too much chocolate. And she detests garlic on a matter of principle.

I have steadfastly maintained there cannot be too much of either.

I’m having to rethink that…

The Cheese Curds

I was standing in the grocery, waiting at the deli counter while they sliced some ham. Behind me was a display table with … cheese curds.

(For those of you reading this in the midwest, know that we don’t get cheese curds in the East.)

So I picked up a sample, noting the label said “garlic cheese curds”.

Those cheese curds were so loaded with garlic I could feel it burning up my throat and into my nose. The deli clerk handed me a slice of ham as my eyes began to water. Apparently it had been happening all morning.

I haven’t run across the situation where there is too much chocolate. I don’t know if there is one at all. But I do know that if there is, it will clobber me in a sneak attack like the garlic did.

Photo by EuroMagic


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