Getting Back on the Horse

Photo by jkirkhart35

A few weeks ago I completely lost my productivity groove. I had been getting up at 5:30 every morning, doing some reading, writing, yoga, and other things before breakfast. I would have a day set up in my planner, all ready with the tasks I needed to accomplish.

And then it all ground to a halt. I had a really bad spell with allergies, and I stopped doing everything.

It’s been difficult to get back on track. I’m still groggy in the morning, as a result of the disturbed nights of coughing as well as the antihistamines. But it’s something I have to do.

Ironically, one of the books I am reading during that time is about habit building. I had thought that the habit was ingrained – I’ve been doing this for a month and a half. But it took very little to dislodge this routine I had made for myself.

Why did it disrupt? Well, the alarm went off at the same time, so it wasn’t the cue. I was sleeping in the same place at home, so it wasn’t the context. Instead, I think it was that the reward wasn’t enough to overpower the need for more sleep – even at the same time realizing that another 45 minutes in bed wasn’t going to make me feel more rested.

So I’m trying to get back into the saddle. I am giving myself credit, even on mornings like this one where I do an abbreviated version of the routine, just so I can say I did it.

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Photo by alastairvance

It’s that time of year again, when my world is coated with a fine dusting of yellow.

We can’t open the windows, or it covers everything inside. Our cars are covered and we have to spray the windshield in order to see. The dog paw prints are visible on the deck, as if it were snow.

I sent a picture to my friend on the frozen tundra. She came back and asked if we had snow. “Nope, that’s pollen.”

If it gets much thicker, I might have to shovel it. Can you imagine?

Thankfully, rain is on the way.

Photo by alastairvance

The Leak

Photo by meddygarnet

I had suspected a leak for some time. I noticed the quarter-round molding was wet sometimes. And the bottom of the cabinet under the sink warped and was no longer flat.

Finally my husband had enough of my complaining and ripped out the cabinet. And the dishwasher. The sub-floor was wet. There was a leak, for sure, but where?

So he started systematically replacing things. First a new sink and faucet, because he suspected the seal had gone bad. (New sink because I wanted something deeper after living with a 6″ deep kitchen sink for 16 years). He replaced the plumbing as well.

Then he found the garbage disposal leak, so that was replaced next. Then the water source to the dishwasher. Then he plugged the dishwasher back in and found the leak there, and ordered the part. With the part in, it was still leaking, and when searching for the leak, he got a shock. I told him the dishwasher had to go. So we picked out another.

It was three weeks with a disassembled kitchen, but at last I have it back together. I will say that not having a dishwasher has given me a great appreciation for my new sink! Hand washing is much easier with the sinks being different sizes – I can get a cookie sheet fully submerged in the sink now. And it has also given me a reason to rethink how many dishes I use to produce meals.

But I’m still glad to get the dishwasher back. 🙂

Photo by meddygarnet

Going To The Gym

Photo by W_MinshullI joined a gym at the end of the last summer. Knowing I needed help to get my muscles in shape to support my skeleton and skin as I lost weight was the main reason. And my daughter talked me into signing up for a personal trainer as well. I liked the two trainers that worked with me for the first session; Alex was the toughest and worked me the hardest, but I also saw the most results with him.

So one visit a week was taken care of. I wanted to go more, and so with the new year I promised myself that I would go to the gym three times a week.

The first day was a bust. It was New Year’s Eve, and I drove up after work, parked, and went to the door, to find that they were closing early that day.

But I counted it as a win, because as I said to my friend later, I only said I was going to the gym. I didn’t make any promises about going in!

Photo by W_Minshull

The Catlady Box

A couple of months ago, I was snagged by an ad on Instagram, offering a box of goodies for cat lovers. I’ve done boxes before, and always ended up canceling when I was flooded with stuff I didn’t really want or need.

But this one was enticing because it came with toys for the cat. So I subscribed for three months. I got some nice stuff – but I was glad it was a limited amount.

The funny thing is that the cat likes the toys…but he loves the box it came in. So I now have empty Catlady boxes for the cat to sit in.

The Bag of Bags

Photo by jasleen_kaur

We redid the floor in our game room, powder room and the hallway in between. This meant I needed to clean out the dreaded coat closet. We keep more than coats in there – specifically gift wrap, the vacuum and for some reason, a Mr. Potato Head. I pulled everything out and set out to sort through the gift wrap.

What I discovered was a bag of bags. A huge shopping bag filled with gift bags. All of them were in good shape, but they were just collecting dust.

Since we are past the age of constant birthday parties, I was puzzled why we had so many.

The truth is that we had just kept saving the bags. Every time someone received one, if it was in decent shape with no writing, we put it in the closet.

The bag of bags was the result of 15 years of this unconsidered action.

Needless to say, the bag of bags got donated. I kept the ones we use every Yule, and a couple nice all-occasion ones.

Photo by jasleen_kaur