Out of My Element

Photo by XcBiker

My daughter is a percussionist. While I appreciate all the instruments she can play, I am out of my element.

She’s preparing for an upcoming auction, and that involves listening to recordings. Except the audition music is not the music for the full movement. So we have to guess where it fits in.

If it were flute, it would be no big deal. I could figure it out. But not on snare, or even tambourine. I feel as helpless as if I knew nothing about music at all.

And the terms! Buzzes, paradiddles and other bizarre techniques are things she is practicing. They all sound the same to me…

I am lucky that she has a really good instructor, who is patient, able to get her to work, and also a professional performer. He is also kind enough to provide links to exactly the equipment she needs, so I am not trying to muddle through it on my own.

The next few months will see her auditions through. And maybe she will get a spot in a prestigious program that will challenge her as well as help her grow.

Photo by XcBiker

Halloween’s a-Comin’

Photo by seedoubleyouaretoo

Halloween is my favorite holiday. What started with a light-up pumpkin and paper skeleton has become five room decorations.

The mantel has a sparkly black spiderweb cloth, topped with timed color-changing candles and a vase filled with lit sticks and berries. The dining room table holds a black lace runner with a black glass pumpkin in the middle (and this year two bat candlesticks holding black timed candles). The piano has a purple spiderweb cloth and a stack of books with a raven on top. The stairs have mini Jack o’lanterns, a stuffed black cat and more timed candles.

It feels very festive to me.

And next up is the outside…the floating ghosts, spider egg sacs and (if I can manage it) a yarn spiderweb with two oversized spiders on it. And let’s not forget the smoking caldron.

After all, if I scare away the kids, I get to keep more of the candy, right?

Photo by seedoubleyouaretoo

Back To Work

Photo by TheChanel

Well, summer is over, and that means back to school, and for me, back to work.

I didn’t return to the classroom. I chose to return to IT.

It was an easy transition. My former employer called me the day after my resume hit the Internet, and let me know I had never been removed from the books, and did I want to come back?

Easiest. Job. Hunt. Ever.

So I’m back to IT contracting. I’m doing a staff augmentation assignment for a local manufacturer, slinging data. It’s the type of assignment I love, and plays to my strengths. I’m glad to be back and to have such a great assignment with such a great client.

I don’t regret my year in teaching, because I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I need a different type of challenge than the one teaching provides. I need to be taking things apart, putting things together, and creating new. I hope to never utter the slope intercept form of a line again.

I’m also very glad to be able to eat when I’m hungry, go to the bathroom when I needs (instead of holding it until passing time), leave the building in the middle of the day…and most of all, to be able to leave work at work and be done.

I’m still adjusting to the schedule. But that will straighten itself out in the next few weeks.

I can say I am very glad to be back to work.

Photo by TheChanel