Quote: Success

Action is the foundational key to all success.

Pablo Picasso


Simple Time Math Lesson

Photo by mrkittums

True or false: If you get into work at 9:30, leave at 5:30 and take an hour unpaid lunch, your employer is getting the full 8 hours from you they are paying for.

Answer: false.
It’s 7 hours. 5:30 pm = 17:30; 17:30-9:30 = 8 hours; 8 hours – 1 hour for lunch = 7 hours.

Commentary: if you are a full-time employee, this is just dishonest. If you’re a contractor, it’s fraud.

Photo by mrkittums

The Screen Porch

Photo by Prince RoyFor years, I have had a screened gazebo in the backyard. A maintenance project that stretched over two summers prevented me from using it. I missed being out there, but the space was small and had a tendency to be very dirty.

My husband decided to put a roof over a chunk of our deck. With the roof, which replaced a pergola, he put up fans and screens. We now have a screen porch that opens out of our house.

I’ve enjoyed being out there, and it’s nice to have a place to wipe the dog off after muddy forays into our backyard. I’m looking forward to getting a more permanent setup. There are two plants out there and my reclining chair from camping. For now it is enough.

Photo by Prince Roy