Rocks in the Garden

I always wanted to have a beautiful garden, teeming with flowers. When we moved into our house, I spent the better part of a week turning one of the sides of our house into such a garden.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the weeds.

In Virginia, if you leave a spot of ground uncovered and unplanted, weeds will sprout within hours.

Our garden beds have been sadly neglected because we simply don’t have the time to weed.

My husband came up with a solution, and I was skeptical.

He sprayed everything but the big plants, then put down weed fabric, then put down stone.

It looks so much neater, that I begged him to do the rest of the house.

My long garden that I put in? It will be replanted with roses, lavender, and our blueberry and blackberry bushes. I think it will be a great improvement.

Planning the Next ?

Photo by J'Roo

We are getting into the time of year when I usually start looking at planning the next year.

But I discovered that annual plans don’t work well for me. I put things off because I think the deadline is far away.

I’ve been trying out the 12 week year, which has you plan for 12 weeks rather than months. The timelines are shorter, I focus on fewer items, and I believe I am making a lot of progress.

And now I am entering another 12 week cycle. I will also be looking at some piles of tasks and projects that have been lost in the shuffle for ages. I will plan out some things I would like to do for the year, and make sure I work them into my 12 week plans. And I can definitely say I won’t be overloading my list of 100 things to do in 2017 as I have in years past.

Photo by J’Roo


Photo by rustiqueart

This week is Thanksgiving in the US. While we won’t be celebrating with extended family, we will have the immediate family around us.

We have much to be thankful for this year.

Good health. Good income from stable jobs. A nice home. Food on the table. A yard to be close to nature. A camper to be closer to nature. A beagle who is still with us. Three cats who bring lots of smiles. Family and friends. I could go on and on for pages.

I find it is good to look at what I have and rememember on the grumpy days that the good far outweighs whatever is bugging me at the moment.

Photo by rustiqueart

Parental Controls

Photo by Mark Fischer

I lost two evenings a couple of weeks ago. In spite of having a really busy evening schedule that week, I squandered my time reading a book I had already read. It doesn’t change anything that I told myself I was researching story structore for NaNoWriMo. It was still two evenings gone.

I needed parental controls for the parent!

Luckily, I found something in my settings. (I love the internet). I can now get into my app, triple click, and it makes me stop and put in a long password when the time is up. I find it is enough to jar me out of my complacency and into what I should be working on.

I am finding I need the tools that I have been using with my daughter to help her develop self-control. And I’m not ashamed to admit it. Modern life is infinitely distractable. I need help to keep on track.

Photo by Mark Fischer