Quote: Reality

Reality is the other person’s idea of how things should be.

John M. Shanahan


Going To The Gym

Photo by W_MinshullI joined a gym at the end of the last summer. Knowing I needed help to get my muscles in shape to support my skeleton and skin as I lost weight was the main reason. And my daughter talked me into signing up for a personal trainer as well. I liked the two trainers that worked with me for the first session; Alex was the toughest and worked me the hardest, but I also saw the most results with him.

So one visit a week was taken care of. I wanted to go more, and so with the new year I promised myself that I would go to the gym three times a week.

The first day was a bust. It was New Year’s Eve, and I drove up after work, parked, and went to the door, to find that they were closing early that day.

But I counted it as a win, because as I said to my friend later, I only said I was going to the gym. I didn’t make any promises about going in!

Photo by W_Minshull

The Catlady Box

A couple of months ago, I was snagged by an ad on Instagram, offering a box of goodies for cat lovers. I’ve done boxes before, and always ended up canceling when I was flooded with stuff I didn’t really want or need.

But this one was enticing because it came with toys for the cat. So I subscribed for three months. I got some nice stuff – but I was glad it was a limited amount.

The funny thing is that the cat likes the toys…but he loves the box it came in. So I now have empty Catlady boxes for the cat to sit in.