So Confused

Photo by DafneCholet

I have, for the most part, been enjoying the isolation. I’m naturally an introvert, and not being around people is fine by me.

But the days blur together. One week is much like the next, with its same projects, goals and schedule

However, I am finding I am losing track of the days.

I wake up for weekends thinking I have to get to my desk to work. I mix up the work days. I even mixed up Labor Day and Memorial Day, thinking for some very odd but real reason that it was truly May.

But the worse? I had a day off. It was a Monday, and I got up early to get my car in for state inspection. When I got home, I fired up my work computer and was just about to remote into my client computer when it dawned on me that I wasn’t working that day.


The days really do blur together.

Photo by DafneCholet

Fried Rice

Photo by jeffreyw

I’ve been cooking a lot more since the pandemic hit. I don’t particularly enjoy cooking, having done it since I was a teenager. So I have a few favorite recipes that I keep coming back to.

The thing is that they are recipes. I don’t cook without one. I don’t have the talent to cook from raw ingredients.

With one exception. Fried rice.

I learned how to make fried rice from Sunny. I was teaching basic Excel, Word and PowerPoint classes at a local scientific supply company three days a week. The company hired the wife of one of the research scientists to feed us lunch each of those days. Sunny (as close as I could come to pronouncing her name) was not just an excellent cook – she had trained under a famous chef in China.

Sunny’s food was wonderful. Not the typical American Chinese food, but real, fresh, bursting with flavor Hunan food. And her fried rice was out of this world.

I asked her one day how to make fried rice. And she told me. It was not a matter of measuring, but a matter of technique. I learned and have made it many times over the years since.

Fast forward to present.

Since we aren’t eating out much and not having things delivered, I wanted something easy for Friday nights. Something I didn’t have to think about.

Enter fried rice.

And it’s a hit. I vary the veggies based on what I have on hand. I vary the meat based on leftovers or what is in the freezer. And hubby and daughter get very excited every time I tell them we are having fried rice for dinner.

Photo by jeffreyw

Don’t Make It Difficult

Photo by Matthew Paul Argall

If there is one thing I have learned about myself over the years, it is if I have something to do that I am not particularly interested in, having to get around mild difficulties will put me right off.

For instance, if I have to hunt for yard waste bags before I start a session of weeding, I won’t weed. If I have to cross the house for a cleaning tool, I won’t do the task.

So my goal to make sure these not-fun things get done is to make it so easy there is no resistance. That means I keep bags in the garage next to my weeding basket. I keep duplicates of cleaning supplies in every bathroom. There is a vacuum on both levels of the house.

It’s not about laziness. It’s about working around my known stumbling blocks.

Photo by Matthew Paul Argall

Racism and Social Media

Photo by gregglesworth

Many companies are pulling their advertising dollars out of social media. They are refusing to profit from hate and racism (#StopHateForProfit).

Some of the companies are just pulling out for July. Will that really make a point if they go back to the way things were in August? I don’t think so.

For those companies who are pulling on indefinitely, hurrah for them!

Can we as individuals make a difference as well to force social media to stop the hate, inflammatory speech and racism?

I think we can.

If enough single users stop using Facebook, even the companies that are only pulling out for July will get the message. Because if there aren’t people to view the ads, what is the point of advertising?

I am not going to use social media – either for personal or my blog – until these social media companies come out with an enforceable anti-hate anti-racist policy. I challenge you all to do the same.

But the best part? Make a parting shot on all of your social media platforms, encouraging others to share and then leave. #StopHateOnSocialMedia

Photo by gregglesworth

Together Time, COVID

Photo by simpleinsomnia

When things shut down in Virginia, it was sudden. I had been home sick the week before, and was working from home that Monday. I was called into the office to clear out my desk to make room for the company social distancing the call center. And then the schools shut down.

So my daughter and I have been home together since March. (My husband has been here too, but his work takes him outdoors, so we don’t see as much of him. )

It’s been good. I have gotten to spend a lot of time having fun with my daughter. We’ve played Animal Crossing together. We watch television together. We walk at lunch and do exercise programs together. And when one has to go out of the house, the other goes.

Since my daughter just graduated, this has been a time for me to treasure. I really appreciate who she is as a person, and have relaxed a lot more under her watching eye. It will be strange when we aren’t together all the time, at some point in the future.

Photo by simpleinsomnia