Brain Training

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After I got my Nintendo DS, I purchased some brain training games. After all, I am all thumbs and puzzles and such are a better fit for me.

While I did get some brain training for my Nintendo Switch, I have found myself going back to an old favorite: sudoku. I’ve found an application and do 6 puzzles every morning.

I don’t know if it will keep my brain young, but I do know that it jumpstarts the noggin and gets me moving mentally.

Photo by theilr Get Back The Old Editor

I was not happy when I logged into this site at the beginning of the month and found that not only could I see the old post screen. Gone was the ability to filter, which meant that I couldn’t see posts by month or category or status. Unless I used the “search”, which I discovered was worthless.

Gone also was the ability to get to the old editor, meaning that I had to use that effing block editor that puts all sorts of unnecessary code into the page.

Thanks WordPress, but I know what I’m doing. I don’t need your “help”.

It used to be that I could get around this. But I could see no way to do it. So I put this blog on hiatus.

But I found a way. You have to adjust your account settings. 

From any screen while logged into,

  1. Click in the upper-right corner on your profile picture.
  2. Click on Account Settings
  3. Scroll down to Appearance
  4. Slide the Dashboard Appearance button to “Show Advanced Dashboard”. 

Blog on Hiatus

I have used for years and years for this blog.

Don’t ask me how many, because I can no longer see my entire post library. Unless I scroll….and scroll…..and scroll….

I can’t even write a post like I used to, copying it into the interface.

You see, has taken it upon themselves to make their interface more “user friendly”. It used to be that I could still use the old interface, seeing all my posts by month adding pictures, etc.

Now I can’t.

I won’t use this new editor. It sucks.

So until I figure out a new place for this blog to live, it’s on hiatus.

(The quotes will continue, because those were all put in place under the old editor and scheduled to go out)

Asking You To Be Respectful Is Not Censorship

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I was skimming through an email containing the various topics on a forum a belong to. The parent organization had put out a notice that they weren’t going to tolerate hate speech in the forum.

This caused some consternation.

Some of it I could see: people were asking for the definition of hate speech.

But one man said “I’m leaving this group because you all are censoring me.”


Asking for common courtesy is not censorship.

If you can’t be a decent human being, then you shouldn’t be interacting with others, in person or online. Period.

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Words Matter

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I’ve often considered cyber bullying to be a thing kids do. But recently I realized it goes on all the time, all over the Internet.

I think it’s because people forget there are real human beings on the other end of the words, and they are also stuck in their own viewpoint.

What brought this to mind was a documentary I recently watched on the Cecil Hotel. The episode was on Elisa Lam, the girl who drowned in the water tank on the roof. The case had sparked wide interest on the internet, where so-called sleuths, working on partial information, put 2 and 2 together and got 7.

One of the things they got wrong was about a musician. He had visited the Cecil Hotel and had a music video that showed a blonde girl being chased through the woods. To the people who found it, it didn’t matter that the video was done much before Lam’s disappearance. It didn’t matter that the musician wasn’t in the hotel at the time of Lam’s disappearance (his visit was the year before and he was actually in another country in a recording studio). All that mattered is that his art didn’t sit well with the sleuths, and they began to accuse him of Lam’s murder. It ruined his life and he attempted suicide. When interviewed for the documentary, he said, “No one ever apologized.”

Words matter. Every word we utter has the potential for harm, and we need to be cognizant of that. We can’t just spout off whatever we want and claim 2nd amendment when there are negative consequences. The 2nd amendment talks about laws being made; it’s not a shield for people to hide behind when things happen as the result of their words.

Just as words matter, platform matters more. It’s different to say something snarky to your spouse than it is to publish it on social media. It’s different to support a cause in private than it is to give it your public approval – especially if you are a person whose opinion matters to a lot of people.

If we want the ability to have free speech, we have to have the maturity to accept the responsibility for the consequences. Period. Even when those consequences are not what we foresaw.

It’s called maturity. And sadly, I think that many people who use the internet to spew their hurtful words are lacking in that.

And immaturity goes right along with bullying. Maturity goes along with respect.

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