Photo by alastairvance

It’s that time of year again, when my world is coated with a fine dusting of yellow.

We can’t open the windows, or it covers everything inside. Our cars are covered and we have to spray the windshield in order to see. The dog paw prints are visible on the deck, as if it were snow.

I sent a picture to my friend on the frozen tundra. She came back and asked if we had snow. “Nope, that’s pollen.”

If it gets much thicker, I might have to shovel it. Can you imagine?

Thankfully, rain is on the way.

Photo by alastairvance


The Leak

Photo by meddygarnet

I had suspected a leak for some time. I noticed the quarter-round molding was wet sometimes. And the bottom of the cabinet under the sink warped and was no longer flat.

Finally my husband had enough of my complaining and ripped out the cabinet. And the dishwasher. The sub-floor was wet. There was a leak, for sure, but where?

So he started systematically replacing things. First a new sink and faucet, because he suspected the seal had gone bad. (New sink because I wanted something deeper after living with a 6″ deep kitchen sink for 16 years). He replaced the plumbing as well.

Then he found the garbage disposal leak, so that was replaced next. Then the water source to the dishwasher. Then he plugged the dishwasher back in and found the leak there, and ordered the part. With the part in, it was still leaking, and when searching for the leak, he got a shock. I told him the dishwasher had to go. So we picked out another.

It was three weeks with a disassembled kitchen, but at last I have it back together. I will say that not having a dishwasher has given me a great appreciation for my new sink! Hand washing is much easier with the sinks being different sizes – I can get a cookie sheet fully submerged in the sink now. And it has also given me a reason to rethink how many dishes I use to produce meals.

But I’m still glad to get the dishwasher back. 🙂

Photo by meddygarnet