Living With A Tim Taylor

Photo by dailyinventionI always enjoyed the Home Improvement show. Partly because I was an engineer dealing with other engineers. And partly because I related to both Tim and his wife – more power, and dealing with the consequences of more power.

We’ve had a couple of Tim Taylor-esque moments after living in this house. The first was the deck. The house didn’t come with a deck, so my husband designed – and built – a 20 foot square deck on the back of the house. Even after putting out the grill and patio set, we could have roller-skated on the thing. (Now half of it has been converted to a screened porch, and we still have ample room both in the porch and on the remaining deck space).

The second incident was the Christmas tree. Moving from the condo, we brought our 4 foot tree. Which looked pitiful in the two story great room. So my husband bought a pre-lit tree – 16 feet of pre-lit tree. Not only did it come home in the SUV, but some of the boxes were on top. And the hatch to the attic was too small to get the tree through, so he ended up building a shelf on top of the garage to hold the tree.

This year we had another “more power” moment. My husband, noting the prices of televisions, convinced me to upgrade from our 48 inch set. He reasoned that the two story great room could handle a 60 inch set, and I agreed. But after an out-of-stock incident, we brought home a 70 inch. And when that one was broken, it escalated to a 75 inch. This set didn’t cost much more than the 60 inch, but I am now dealing with two feet more on the hypotenuse of television. This thing is so big that television shows like MASH look like stage sets. You can see the fur details while playing Animal Crossing. And you can read the subtitles from the other side of the house. Football looks like you are on the field.

I’m embarrassed by the excess, even as thinking it is pretty cool. And while I might tease my husband about being a Tim Taylor, I still secretly enjoy being in on it.

Photo by dailyinvention


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