Online Shopping

One of the things I really have appreciated about COVID restrictions is the ability to shop online. My grocery store, Target, Michael’s, IKEA – all the stores I normally shop at have this service now. It saves me a ton of time, and a ton of money – I don’t end up doing a lot of impulse buys this way.

But one of the benefits is that I have found a bunch of great new sources.

Michael’s doesn’t usually have the quantities and colors of yarns that I want for projects. So I shopped online and now most of my yarn is shipped to me from Wisconsin. I needed some new underclothes and discovered the Hanes shop on EBay. I needed seeds for the garden and found direct seeds from Burpee.

I like not having to say “I guess that will work.”

I don’t know that I will change back after restrictions lift. I like having the extra time that is not taken up by shopping. And I like getting exactly what I need.

I think this is a positive in a year of very few.

Photo by Bruno Kelzer on Unsplash

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