Introversion and COVID-19

Photo by jtaylor14368

I am not hating this sequestration over COVID-19. I’m enjoying being at home. I’m enjoying not having to be around groups of people and drag myself home at the end of the day, drained. I’m enjoying having time to be in my garden, because there are no other demands on my time. I’m enjoying having time to sit on my porch. I’m enjoying not being pinged all the time.

But I’m an introvert, so perhaps this isn’t so surprising.

The extroverts I know are going crazy. I know this because they’re texting and calling me.

I’ve had to get out of the house. But for the most part, a long walk at lunch with my daughter is enough. A trip to the grocery store, where they load groceries into the back of my car is good enough.

But I’m getting more done at work. I’m able to find time to think about the big projects at work. I’ve been able to get more focused work done on my own projects. And I’ve done something I used to rarely do: I spend time watching television with my daughter and knitting.

I’ve been thinking a bit about what the post-COVID life will look like. And I’m not sure I want it back the way it was.

Photo by jtaylor14368

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