Lessons In Zoom

It’s funny that a tool that hardly anyone used six weeks ago is now a staple of business life.

We use Zoom for work, and I’m seeing clubs and churches and more use it as a vital way to connect. But Zoom is after all, just a tool, and people forget that it sees and hears all when your camera and mike are on.

The first days I was working from home, I attended our morning meeting in my pajamas (camera off). And then I decided that I wasn’t going to work, even if it was from home without real clothes on. And makeup. And jewelry.

I still remember one of my first experiences with Zoom. Two of my coworkers and I went into a conference room and logged into a Zoom call on a technical subject. Most of us had our cameras off and mikes muted. But one gentleman didn’t. And he also wasn’t dressed. At least from the waist up, as we could see. Thankfully he never stood up. It was not pleasant.

My husband was in the office with me as I was in my meeting. He opened up our church website, which began to automatically play an audio clip. As I explained to my astonished co-workers, one of them quipped, “1994 called and they want their website back.” Ugh.

And how many stories have we heard about people forgetting about the camera and mike?

Google it. It’s good for a laugh.

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