Velcro Cat

Photo by oliva732000

We went away for 10 days over the holidays. When we travel, I always hire a cat sitter. Not only does she make sure that the cats have food and water, she cleans their boxes and gives them attention.

Apparently it wasn’t enough attention, or attention from the wrong person. Because since we have been back (and it’s been almost a week as I write this), my cat is Velcro.

This is not the first time we have gone away in my cat’s life, either.

He wouldn’t let me out of his sight at first. Which is cute and cuddly, until you try to use the bathroom. Then it morphed into needing to be physically touching me.

Don’t get me wrong – I am very happy to pet him and give him lots of cuddles. But this needing to physically touch me is getting a bit old, especially when I’m doing things like trying to put in my contacts or eat a meal or cook or work on the computer. Because he is Right There. And it’s really hard to see around him at times.

I appreciate that my cat is attached to me; I’m attached to him too. But this is really unusual behavior that is beginning to annoy me. I can pee while being the subject of a feline stare. But I can’t get my contacts in properly if they are covered in cat hair.

Photo by oliva732000

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