Loser Tags

Photo by TMAB2003

My husband loses his keys and phone regularly. They’re always within the house, but he misplaces them and then disrupts everyone as he looks for them.

A few years ago for the holidays I got him finder tags. These things go on objects and then you can use a phone or computer to help you find them.

So what did he do? He promptly lost them. Of course.

My new headphones came with one of these devices built in. And after playing with it, I decided that we could all benefit from having these tags on our keyrings. Because if you hook your phone up to the tag, even if you don’t have your phone, you can push the button on the key ring and having it find the phone.

Seems like a win, and frankly, if I put it on his keyring and set up the phone, he won’t have anything to avoid doing.

And maybe, just maybe, we’ll spend a lot less time looking for his lost stuff in the house.

Photo by TMAB2003


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