The New Computer

Photo by AUMOER

My daughter recently received a new computer. She’s been using an old desktop for a few years, and it was time to upgrade her to the machine she will use through college.

In our house, I’m generally the one who gets the upgrades, and then the machines get shuffled. Since I am a developer, I have certain specs about what I need to have – and they are typically not served by your average computer.

My daughter got to learn this as we debated the various configurations. In the end, she ended up with maxed out memory, a big hard drive, and a decent video card.

She’s very excited about this.

And so the great computer shuffle starts.

My husband has a desktop he purchased while he was in DC that is terrible. No memory, no good guts, no hard drive space. It’s slower than molasses in a Green Bay January.

So the question is, does he get his old desktop back (which my daughter was using)? Or does he get my old laptop?

It will be interesting to see how this all shakes out.

Photo by AUMOER


One thought on “The New Computer

  1. Went through that some years back, when we finally replaced mine and my wife’s laptops. they were both getting up in years, so we upgraded to new notebooks and passed our old computers to our daughters. Then after about a year of issues with them, I said they were old (7 and 6 yrs old), I found a deal on a pair of notebooks for the girls, and there went a good chunk of that year’s tax refund. Then Irony kicked in, the following Fall, my older daughter, gong into her Junior year in High School was issued a Macbook Air, and the younger an Ipad. Eventually, those 2 notebooks were used less and less, as the older graduated and bought her own (used) Macbook Air, and the younger issued her own. The older daughter’s old notebook, is actually now my second/travel computer and the younger’s will most likely by used by her once again after she graduates this next Spring.

    He will just have to see what computer will fit his needs the best. Even if it means a memory or Vid-card upgrade on the desk top.
    (Nudge-nudge) – good way to justify an upgrade to a bigger monitor too… LOL

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