A New Driver

Photo by Spanish Coches

My daughter is now driving on her own. After 9 months of supervised driving, she is able to move about the city in her own car.

This has proven to be a relief. Taking her the various places (music lessons, shopping) took up a good bit of time. She is now able to drive herself to her various music lessons without having to take one of her parents.

It is also cutting her day a lot shorter. Since she spends her school afternoons in a different city, relying on the bus got her home at 5:15 every day. Driving means she gets home at 4:30.

Many of my friends and co-workers have asked if I’m worried. Not really. She is a cautious driver, and she is responsible. She won’t do anything stupid.

So we are celebrating this milestone in her life, and letting her enjoy some more freedom!

Photo by Spanish Coches


One thought on “A New Driver

  1. As each of our girls got their drivers license, it mad things easier for us in many ways. especially for after-school activities. Both girls are/were involved in the High School Theatrical productions on the stage crews. Them being able to drive themselves, meant I could sent them with a vehicle and I didn’t have to get up and leave a warm house and go out into the arctic cold to go sit in the car and wait for them after…

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