The Robot Mop

Photo by Janitors

The new dog is a mess. He tracks in mud, water and who knows what else. My kitchen floor seems to always have muddy paw marks and streaks on it. Once a week mopping has given way to daily mud removal.

This came as quite a shock, since the old dog hated mud and mess. Yet here I am with noticeably muddy floors, and the other members of the household respond with “it’s not a big deal.” Of course it isn’t because they don’t do the cleanup.

So I took action. I bought a robot to do the mopping for me.

Unlike its vacuuming counterpart, the mop moves in straight lines. It also doesn’t need virtual walls to keep in contained. It does a pretty good job, as long as I remember to spray the dried mud with water.

Yes I am still irritated at having to do this extra cleanup, but it makes it easier.

Photo by Janitors


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