My Office

A few years ago my husband turned an unused walk-in closet into a writing studio for me.

It’s a snug littls place with sloped ceilings. I share it with the cats, but it is my refuge when I want to have time and space to concentrate for writing.

This year, after I completed NaNoWriMo, I was tired of how it was. So I pulled things out of their spots. I cleaned. I rearranged the furniture (as much as I could within the bounds of the room).

And then over winter break, I made it better.

I have a chair in my room that I use to read or relax with the cats. It didn’t have a footstool. So I bought a low one at IKEA and covered it with the bath rug that used to be the only covering on the floor. The old rug from our bathroom made it into the space, making the floor a lot less cold. I moved the bookshelves and cleaned off the top so the cats could look out the window. And I put away things on the horizontal surfaces.

For Christmas my husband bought me a single-cup brewer with a small footprint. My idea was to have it go into the bathroom, but this idea was met with resistance. So while at IKEA I bought a small stool/table and a place mat that fit perfectly, and put it in the corner of my writing room. One of my drawers was given over to K-cups and tea bags.

My office is now a place that I feel relaxed in. Before it was crowded and cluttered. Now it suits the purpose of the room, and I find myself spending time in there just as a sanctuary.


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