Finding A New Author

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I’ve been reading a lot of trash. And while at one point in my life the term trash would have represented the genre of fiction known as bodice-rippers.

Now the term trash is referring to poorly-written and poorly-edited fiction that is popping up all over Amazon.

Don’t get me wrong: I love independent authors.

Those that do it right, with good writing and proper editing, are a joy to read.

Those that don’t, well, writing a book isn’t enough. It has to be edited, or at least run through the grammar checker of whatever word processor is being used.

But to consider, in the last few weeks I have run across books with the following:

  • “Her and Frank went into the garden” (the book was fine until this point, but this heinous grammar was repeated twice within the last two chapters of a whodunit. I didn’t read the rest to find out whodunit.)
  • “He pulled up his horse when the manor came into site.” (Kid you not, first 2 pages of the book. I didn’t read further)
  • The book where the main character, who was to become a duchess (“her Grace”) was named Grace and her husband kept calling her “Grace, her Grace.” (as if we’d forget)
  • The author whose books are well-plotted and exciting and cannot use a comma, to save, her, life, even where there is a need for one such as when she has a run-on sentence that has subclauses or a list of items like apples oranges and bananas.
  • The Regency romance where the main character said “okay” and “alright” and “maybe”
  • “But that is a hanging on a fence.” (Hanging offense? That’s what I had to take it as, and I chose not to find out of the hero was exonerated)
  • The first course was “pigeon bisk”. (What the hell is a bisk? Bisque? And who makes it out of pigeons? When you eat the bird, they are called squabs.)
  • Bestowing a title on someone who wouldn’t have one by birth (the daughter of a baron) or referring to a married couple as Lord Wainwright and Lady Mary. (Lord and Lady Wainwright!)

Then we have the author names. I refuse to read anything by an author whose names are made up from various characters of Jane Austen books. (Charlotte Darcy? really?)

And there are also those writers who are desperate to make it appear like they are more successful than they are: “The first amazing book by the new breakthrough author [x]” published by Createspace.

I have kept a list of books I have read consistently since 1992. Lately I consult the list to make sure a book I am considering is not one by an author that I have abandoned.

So I’m looking for a new set of authors to read. I enjoy romance, cozy mysteries and fantasy. Any suggestions are more than welcome…but please make sure these are commercial authors. I can’t take any more of the independent ones out there unless they have been thoroughly vetted.

Photo by GoToVan


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