The Last Jedi

Photo by abbamouse

A vendor bought my client tickets to see The Last Jedi the day it came out. Being the nerds that we are, we were excited to go.

As the day drew near, I realized I had a hair appointment the same day – an appointment I had scheduled months in advance due to the holidays. And I wasn’t about to give it up.

The client suggested that I go for a little while and leave. But that didn’t appeal. Who wants to watch part of a movie and then walk out? So I chose not to go.

Instead, I went to see the movie with my family in the week between Christmas and New Year’s.

I have to confess I was disappointed.

I felt this movie was like The Empire Strikes back – a transitional movie that couldn’t stand on its own. In the Last Jedi there wasn’t enough of a character arc, nor a plot arc. And I hated what Luke Skywalker had become.

My daughter, on the other hand, loves the movie. She says that no Star Wars film has ever been terrible (but she hasn’t watched any of the ones with JarJar, either). She is swept away by the franchise and the overall sense of the movies.

So I agree to disagree. She is still trying to convince me of its excellence.

But I noticed in talking to those who are not die-hard Star Wars fans, the ones who really don’t know the plots backwards and forward, and who perhaps haven’t seen all of the other movies – they tell me that they really didn’t understand it. So I think my opinion is justified.

Maybe the next one will be better.

Photo by abbamouse


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