Cold and Snow

Photo by aprilhansen1692

I live in a place specificially chosen because it does not get the cold and snow I experienced living on the Frozen Tundra.

It may get below freezing for a couple of days – maybe a week – during the winter, and if we have snow, it is one snowfall, and then we are done. (Although that one snowfall will bring the city to a grinding halt for up to a week, but that is another story).

We had a cold day last week. It didn’t get above freezing the whole day. Not a big deal, in my book. Our furnaces work well, and I have clothing.

My daughter does not know how to deal with it.

The first indication was the shout of “It’s snowing! It’s really coming down!” from upstairs. When I turned to the kitchen window, I could see no evidence of snow at first, but after about a minute, I saw a single flake float down. My daughter pelted downstairs to show me a video of the “really coming down” which showed flakes that you could see if you looked really hard against a dark backdrop.

Snowing, indeed.

Later we went to her piano lesson. She grabbed her winter coat (which is a true winter coat, purchased from a northern company) and slid into it. I put on my fleece, because 27 degrees is not enough to make me pull out the winter jacket for a short car ride.

When she got into the car she complained of freezing.

I looked over to see that she had no gloves or mittens on, no scarf, no hat…and her jacket wasn’t zipped.

I was perfectly warm in my fleece. I had no hand or head coverings either, but at least I had zipped up the jacket.

My daughter had talked about moving to the mountains when she is older. The 27 degree day convinced her otherwise. She said she would move to Georgia. I pointed out that they get snow there too, and it is even worse when it happens. She tossed out Key West, but then took it back after realizing the hurricanes go there for vacation.

At one point she looked at me and said, “Wisconsin must be hell.”

No, dear, hell is warm. There is no place of frozen ice in the Christian mythos.

Photo by aprilhansen1692


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