Red Green

Photo by Whole Earth Blog

I work with a really nerdy bunch of guys. And I mean super nerds – for example, I found them doing integrals (calculus) on the window as they were trying to anticipate how much space we needed on the server. Granted, at the time I was doing logarithms at my desk in an attempt to isolate a variable in a formula, or I probably would have been right in the thick of it.

But I had to revoke all of their nerd cards.

None of these men had ever heard of Red Green.

Not the colors, the Canadian handyman from Possum Lake, who fixes things with duct tape (aka the Handymans’ Secret Weapon).

The Red Green Show was the pinnacle of nerd television. It gave instructions on how to make a beer cooler out of a toilet, how to canoe and snowshoe, and gave the Man’s Creed (”I’m a man. But I can change. If I have to. I guess.”)

It’s a shocking lack of attention to nerdiness detail on the part of my co-workers. I had no choice but to tell them to “nerd up.”

And if you’ve never heard of Red Green, I suggest you bring your cultural intelligence up to snuff. He’s on YouTube.

Photo by Whole Earth Blog


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