Cats and Dogs

Photo by reader of the pack

So we have a new dog. He’s still a puppy, being born in February of this year. He’s got a lot of energy.

He’s a bigger dog than our beagle, as well, weighing in at about 45 pounds.

He was adopted by a family who couldn’t handle him and ended up at the SPCA. From there he went to a foster home until he came to us.

He’s never been around cats. “He’ll be fine,” said the woman in charge of the rescue organization. “Give them time to get used to each other.”

The cats didn’t know what to make of the dog. He’s much bigger than them.

The oldest cat lives in isolation downstairs. He visited, cornered her, and when my husband tried to get the cat out of the dog’s way, the cat bit him, causing extensive swelling, a trip to the doc-in-a-box and a course of antibiotics.

The two younger cats have been confined to my bedroom/ensuite bath. The dog has come in there, barked at them or chased them under the bed.

The youngest cat, who is my baby, misses me. And so he started to want to come out. A few times the dog chased him back upstairs.

But once I noticed the dog backed off quickly and had three little bloody spots on his nose.

About time, I say.

The dog needs to learn that the cats may be smaller, but they are armed and dangerous. And the old cat is toxic as well.

I do hope that they learn to get along. Or at least not be aggressive. I hope that the dog gets over his jealousy and stops lunging when we are petting or holding the cats.

But I do not hope that the cats stop swatting and scratching the dog. It’s the only way he’s going to learn.

Photo by reader of the pack


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