Photo by Prairiekittin

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I want to give my list of things I am grateful for.

  1. My husband. Without him life would be so much more difficult and a lot less about laughing.
  2. My daughter. She has taught me to look at things differently and how to be close to another.
  3. My cat. Always unconditional love.
  4. My space. The house where I live, and the bits of it that are mine alone.
  5. My job. Challenging enough, interesting enough, pays enough, without absorbing every minute of my life.
  6. My friends. They are teaching me how to accept help.
  7. My spiritual community. The folks from my church who have been there for years.
  8. My music director. He is pushing me into ways I only dreamed of being.
  9. The trees. The one I park under, the one that shades my gazebo, the crabapple in the front yard that feeds the raccoons.
  10. My extended family. There aren’t so many of us anymore, but those that are left are connected in a way that is impossible to define.
  11. My family of choice. The people who celebrate and mourn with me, whom I choose to share myself and my life with.
  12. Books. The ideas of the world, accessible to everyone.
  13. My phone. Bringing me information when and where I need.
  14. Music. The soundtrack of my life.
  15. Coffee. The comfort, the warmth, the boost of energy.
  16. Those things that bring me joy. My new shower, my comfy bathrobe, doing yoga with my cat.
  17. My technology. Connecting me in ways that I never could have dreamed of.
  18. Creature comforts. My bed, warm sweaters, comfy chairs, heat, air conditioning…
  19. Freedom. Freedom to be who I am.
  20. My talents. They are being stretched and exercised and I am all the better for it.

Photo by Prairiekittin


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