I Get To Be Tonks

My current team takes the prize for nerdiness. There are five of us consultants (all from the same company) and our client manager. The work we are doing is complicated, and we are on the bleeding edge of technology, so we spend a lot of time talking geek.

The new company project office asked us to pick a team name and characters to represent ourselves. After rejecting several movie themes, we settled on Harry Potter.

For the most part, people picked their own characters. The client manager became Dumbledore (of course). The largest member of the team picked Hagrid. The one who is on site two days a week became a ghost – Nearly Headless Nick. The dark guy became Sirius. The one who really doesn’t know Harry Potter at all (and is conincidentally the smallest member of the team) was assigned Dobbie.

But what about me? As the only female on the team, they were throwing out McGonagall (nope, not severe enough). Hermione (nope, not enough of a know-it-all, and definitely not the smartest on the team). Sybill Trewlawney (are you kidding?) Mrs. Weasley (as if I want to be known as a mom to this group) And then it hit…Tonks.

So I chose Tonks. The guys think it’s a good fit because of my current teal-colored hair.

I know it’s a good fit because like Tonks, I get to go in, do what needs to be done, without caring to prove my worth to anyone, and move on.

So Tonks it is.

Don’t you dare call me Nymphadora.

(Image courtesy Pixabay)


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