I Want A Celtic War Chicken

Photo by protohiro

I was listening to a Celtic Music podcast at work the other day (because who doesn’t love bagpipes and need more of them in their life?)

The song was called “The Chicken Raid of Cymru” (pronounced come-ree) and it’s kind of a bluesy song by the band Emerald Rose. Talking about stealing chickens and such.

But then they start talking about how Celtic War Chickens helped win a historical battle (which is in the history books if you know where to look). Celtic War Chickens are apparently fierce creatures (not grocery store shake-n-bake chickens) that get launched at the enemy. And that’s how you win the war.

I think I want a Celtic War Chicken. There are many situations where I would love to pull a chicken out from behind my back, swing it around and then launch it to vanquish an enemy.

Anyone know where I can get one?

Photo by protohiro


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