Autumn At Last. Or Maybe Not?

Photo by Ian SaneI like autumn. I especially yearn for it during September, when the calendar tells us we should be cooling down, and yet the shorts are still on and the AC still running.

And then October hits, and it cools.

It’s the end of October here, and the start of autumn. The temps are mostly cooled, and the leaves are starting to consider turning color and hurling themselves to the ground. The deciduous trees are always later than the pines, who have been flinging pine straw everywhere for the past three weeks.

This is much different than it was where I grew up on the frozen tundra. I remember having to buy Halloween costumes big so that they would fit over winter jackets. Here it is still warm enough to cause the pumpkins to rot if they are carved too soon, and it is not unusual to have shorts on the trick or treaters.

Sometimes I need to get a dose of fall vicariously. Thankfully I belong to a Facebook group from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and they post beautiful autumn photos starting in early October.

But as we head into November, this area will switch to autumn. The weather will cool, the air will be scented with decaying leaves, and every now and then you will smell wood burning. The light will be softer, and the skies bluer. And the fall will linger until December when winter will begin.

Photo by Ian Sane


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