Stranger Letters

Photo by jasleen_kaur

Last Saturday we received two interesting pieces of mail. Both were addressed to us by name, and both were from strangers.

The first was a letter urging us to study the bible and attend the writer’s church. It quoted Bible verses, the benefits of study, and of course, the benefits of joining the church – which happens to be a local megachurch.

The second was a hand-written postcard from the local delegate’s mother, urging us to vote for her son in the upcoming election.

One of these sent me off into peals of laughter. Can you guess which one?

In any case, the correspondence had no effect on me. I’ll keep going to my own church, and vote for the person I think will do the best job (who is not the one with the over-involved mother, BTW.)

And I’ll keep shaking my head in wonder at the things people will do…

Photo by jasleen_kaur


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