The Bathroom Project

Photo by stock.photosIt started as a paint job. I was tired of the pale purple walls and ivy wallpaper border. I wanted something more cozy.

The master bathroom in our house is not a small space. Coming off the bedroom, extending almost the length of the garage, it is big enough to fit the other two bathrooms in our house inside the empty floor space. It has a shower, a garden tub, a double sink and a toilet room.

But I was tired of the initial decorating job. So I picked out a bold deep blue for the walls (it is a big space after all, and can handle a dark color). Hubby found a charming dolphin border.

During the Independence Day weekend I patched, painted trim, and then painted the walls. I then asked hubby to fix the tub – the stopper didn’t close all the way and the drain was slow.

And that’s when things took off.

Our bedroom carpet, showing the wear and tear of 15 years and four cats and one dog, needed to be replaced. I wanted to go with Pergo, and that was set for a few years from now. But then hubby said, well, what about running the Pergo into the bathroom? It was a good idea. But then if we’re going to put in a new floor, why not rip out the tiny shower and put in the tiled one? And we’ll replace the shower hardware, so we need to replace the other faucets. And then we need lights to match. And then outlets and light switches….

The process started in early July. I had a working shower in mid-August. And it was just mid-September before the bathroom was back to its usable state.

I had to keep reminding myself that it would be worth it.

And it is.

The shower is luxurious, and I don’t have to worry about bumping into the door or walls while I move around. The tub doesn’t drain slowly, and it holds water. The new faucets in the sinks make it easier to clean. The floor is fabulous.

There are just a few more cosmetic things that need to be done in there, but it has been worth every bit of time.

Hats off to hubby, who did almost all of the work himself. (I helped with the painting and cleaning). Our bathroom remodel is complete.

Next up? The Pergo in the bedroom, which I have been told will go very quickly because he doesn’t have to make any weird cuts.

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