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I listen to many podcasts during my walking and commuting. I am amazed at how many people can say the same things over and over in different ways (in the same podcast). One striking example of this is a podcast where the main presenter and his guest talk about topics, and it becomes a “yes fest”. One person will say something and the other person will parrot it back in different words, agreeing with the first point.

It’s hard to listen to.

The irony of it is that the podcast is about increasing your productivity, yet the podcast itself is a blather of verbosity that provides little new information.

Brevity without sacrificing clarity is an art form, and it is one that requires practice. Too much of the noise that is part of modern communication is due to lack of brevity, IMO.

I’m not immune. There are blog articles that I go back to and wonder at the stream of consciousness that communicates little.

So what can be done? I think it is just a matter of awareness, and taking action. I can email the podcasters and point out that 1.5 hours is too long to cover a list of 10 bullet points in a productivity podcast. And I can make sure that what I say is concise as well.

Photo by schmopinions


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