The Flying Bowling Pins

Photo by spwhite1

I recently started a new client. I don’t have a desk, I have a table. But that table is next to a window, and that window has a spectacular view of a pond.

Clients normally don’t waste windows on consultants, nor desks either. This client is different…I will be moving to a desk in about a month. And until then I will enjoy this view.

One of the things that comes with this view is the view of the birds. There is a blue heron, an egret and an osprey. There are also lots of Canada geese.

I was watching the geese come in for a landing on the water, looking for all the world like flying bowling pins, and I recalled something that happened at another client site.

I was out walking around their pond during lunch, listening intently to a French lesson. My mind was on the words, not on the geese.

One of the geese took off from across the pond and headed my way. I didn’t really think much of it. Until I realized it was aiming for my head. It wasn’t trying to take off, it was trying to take me out.

I scrambled up the muddy bank to get out of the way. From the top, hands and knees covered in mud, I saw the nest, 5 feet from where I had been walking.

What sort of stupid animal builds a nest next to a sidewalk? One, apparently, that is confident in being able to take out a human.

I prefer seeing the geese from my window.

Photo by spwhite1


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