Why I Don’t Read The News

Photo by Sole Treadmill

The news has long made me angry. I would listen to the news on my way to work and find myself shouting at the radio. Television news made me want to throw things. So I opted out.

It wasn’t my idea. A book I was reading at the time presented the idea of a media fast…and I did it. I never went back to the news.

Some people would say that it is a disadvantage. After all, I couldn’t tell you want is going on in Hollywood, and I wouldn’t recognize a picture of Kim Kardashian. I’m not aware of the details of the latest presidential temper tantrum. And in spite of this, I am still relatively well informed about the stuff that is going on.

How? It’s simple.

People tell me.

And then if I deem it important enough, I will go out and research it myself.

I may not know the minute something is happening, but if it is important enough, someone will mention it within 2-3 days. That’s still faster than my grandparents got their news, so I am counting myself ahead of the game. I still am informed, and my irritation level and blood pressure are down.

Photo by Sole Treadmill


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