Private Conversations On Social Media

Photo by Akuppa

I got rather annoyed with someone recently because I had made a comment on a post on Facebook asking a question…and I asked the person by name to answer.

This was followed by a people giving me advice and some even berating me for not doing things how they thought it should be done.

My initial reaction was to turn to these people and ask them to mind their own business. I was annoyed, because as far as I was concerned, all of these people were interlopers on the conversation.

I view social media like having a conversation in a crowd.

In a crowd, I am generally talking to one person. My comments may be overheard, but for the most part people have better manners than to eavesdrop and then insert themselves in a conversation that is happening next to them.

So why is it in social media that people feel they don’t need to mind their manners and stay out of things that are not addressed to them?

I would expect that in social media, if a comment is addressed to someone by name, that other people shouldn’t feel the need to jump in.

I believe that social media, while broadening our reach, is causing a deterioration of the behaviors that make it possible to exist in a society. I believe that one should never behave in a way online that one would not behave in person.

Another nail in the coffin for my use of social media….

Photo by Akuppa


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