What Does Independence Mean?

Photo by Karsun Designs PhotographyToday is Independence Day. We mostly don’t call it that – it’s the “Fourth of July”. I think most of us have lost sight of the fact that this is the day that a group of rebels, risking their lives, signed the document that broke us free from Great Britain.

Independence means different things to different people.

In my case, independence means that I am not compelled to answer to anyone I don’t choose to answer to. Yes, I answer to my family, my employer, my clients. It does not mean that I answer to anyone else without that power of choice.

Independence means that I voluntarily comply with rules that make our society work and make it possible to live and work together in peace and harmony. It does not mean that I blindly follow the rules.

Independence means that I have the right to disagree. I may not choose to act on that disagreement, or give it voice, but I still have the right to do either should I choose. It does not mean that I hold my tongue because I am not allowed to say what I wish.

I am very grateful for those men who decided to put their lives on the line for independence. And I remind myself that the independence is a gift, and can be taken away by those who kid themselves that they are acting in the greatest good.

Photo by Karsun Designs Photography


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