Email Blasts

Photo by Sean MacEntee

I’ve been getting a lot of email from companies these past few weeks.

All of these companies have my email address because of purchases I have made from them. But I’ve never received emails until the past few weeks.

And then all of a sudden, WHAM! Emails coming daily, sometimes more than once a day.

It’s like the companies discovered they had this huge list of emails they had never marketed to, and decided to make up for lost time.

Here’s the thing, though. All this email blasting is making me do is unsubscribe. And then think twice before buying anything further from the company.

Most things are available on Amazon. And I will go there, because I know Amazon won’t start flooding my inbox.

It’s a lesson most marketers need to learn. There is a fine line to walk between right-sized offers and email blasts.

Photo by Sean MacEntee


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