Benefitting From My Skills

Photo by Microsoft Sweden

I am a programmer. I’ve been a programmer since I was a teenager. I program for a living. And lately I have been programming for my self.

I know a lot of my fellow programmers turn their noses up at programming office applications…word processors, mail, spreadsheets, calendars…because it is not “real” programming. But I think that is short-sighted.

I do a lot of things inside those office applications, both at work and at home. And I would be foolish not to make those repetitive actions done for me by using my skills.

I set up the text files I use to write the blog via Excel and some programming. I generate custom cleaning lists via Excel. I produce dated customized weekly planners for myself every week via Word. I set up my Trello boards for blog tasks via Google Sheets and GMail. I give myself a 10-minute cool-down window on every email I send via Outlook at GMail. I automate the production of my for-sale planners using templates and programming in Word.

To me, not using my skills in a non-professional environment would be equivalent to a car mechanic not not refilling his own washer fluid. Yes, it’s not cutting edge, but I can do it, so why not?

Photo by Microsoft Sweden


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