The New Church Site

Photo by skenmyOur church is moving. We have outgrown the building it has been in since I have been going there. We are out of meeting space, office space, classroom space, and frequently find ourselves double booked. We have parking at the kindness of a local museum and at the mercy of the tides.

The new building is huge. It’s an old office building that will be renovated. It sits on a good-sized lot, and has attached wetlands that we are now stewards of. Renovation will begin in May.

We went out as a community to start getting the grounds into shape. The building has been vacant for some time, and while the grass was cut, the landscaping was allowed to overgrown. 65 of us went out and chopped, raked, pruned and swept. The teens went out in canoes with the youth director and pulled garbage out of the water. It’s by no means done, but it looks miles better. There will be more opportunities for grounds keeping.

I know that leaving the old location will be sad; I know this personally because that was the building where I married, and my daughter brought into the church community. But the opportunities are very exciting, and I am looking forward to seeing it take shape.

Photo by skenmy



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