New York City?!

Photo by tinto

The first weekend of spring break I took my Girl Scout troop to New York City. It was an adventure for all us. Four girls, two adults. Two of the girls had been before; I had been before, but only for day trips for business.

We took an overnight bus that dumped us in the Times Square region at quarter to six in the morning. Of course, given my abysmal map reading skills, we then went to the wrong hotel…our hotel was only two blocks away from the stop. It did give us a good look at Times Square when there was no one around.

The trip was filled with tourist-y stuff. We did the Status of Liberty, Ellis Island, the Empire State Building, and bus tours of downtown and uptown. We saw Central Park, the naked cowboy and China Town. We ate New York pizza, food truck kebabs and did a deli for breakfast.

There were a few things that surprised me about Manhattan. The first is that it is very small, land-wise. A two hour bus trip took us from tip to tip. And that was in traffic, with frequent stops. The second is that (and it is possibly because of where we ate) I didn’t see much difference between New York bagels and Panera bagels. The third is that there is no green space except for Central Park. No trees, no grass, no planters; unending concrete.

While I would like to go back with my family and explore uptown and the museums, I am satisfied with the trip. I would not choose to do the overnight bus again, rather preferring to deal with the panic of flying. But I would definitely do the tour bus again, and choose to eat in local restaurants again.

The girls? Well, I think they enjoyed it. There was a lot of teenage whining, and most of the girls were glued to their phones. They seemed to find novelty in shopping in the same stores found in our hometown. But for the most part they were good sports and went around to the various sites with enthusiasm.

Photo by tinto


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