Pollen Inundation

Photo by Stephen HowardAh, spring in southeast Virginia.

The sounds of birds in the trees. The warmth of the sun.

The film of yellow powder covers everything.

The yellow is the pine pollen. Then there are the worm-like clumps that drop from the oak trees. These pile up in doorways and cover sidewalks and driveways.

Just at the time of the year when you want to open your windows, you don’t dare, or the yellow film will cover everything inside as well.

Everyone is sneezing. One of my neighbors remarked that her son is much healthier living at the college in the mountains. It doesn’t surprise me. They don’t deal with all the pollen there. An allergist once said that even if you never had trouble before, you’ll have trouble your first few springs in coastal Virginia.

But that’s fine in my book. I’ve adapted. I’ve learned not to hang things outside. And I’ve learned to see the beauty in that yellow stuff. For after all, if it wasn’t for that, we wouldn’t have the beautiful trees that we do.

Photo by Stephen Howard



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