Being Female In A Man’s World

Photo by MariusBoatca

I don’t really see any uptick in the amount. The only difference I see is that many men now feel that they can be misogynistic openly and get away with it.

My degree, electrical engineering, was earned at a school where women made up 5% of the college of engineering. I was routinely discriminated against, put down, and relegated to the back burner on projects.

And you know what? It didn’t come from the professors. It came from my fellow students.

I learned an important lesson about being a woman in a man’s world.

The only time discrimination was ever an issue was when a man was threatened by my knowledge or skills.

This can be extrapolated: any time a man is a mysoginist, it is because he is threatened by women’s knowlege or skills.

I don’t work in engineering now. But I still work in a male-dominated field: information technology.

And nearly all the time, my colleagues and clients treat me well. Some even seem to forget that I am female. The tolerance is much more the norm than any hassling.

But there are still those who are threatened. But it isn’t just the men who hassle. I have been hassled by two female clients as well.

So the misogynism isn’t new. It’s just an airing of something I have never seen go away.

Fear is one of the strongest forces on earth. And unfortunately it will never go away.

I would pity those whose fear causes them to act in misogynistic or racialistic or just plain ol’ stupid other ways. But they’re too dangerous.

Photo by MariusBoatca


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