The PS/4 Deal

Photo by Neo Love

It was a simple deal. My daughter wants a different gaming console. We wanted her to pass the auditions and get into the music magnate school (and away from the disturbing lack of discipline tolerated at her high school. Yes, I can say that, because I worked there for a year. Anyway).

So the deal was she had to do the auditions for, and be accepted by, the two organizations: the youth orchestra, and the Governor’s School for the Arts.

The youth orchesta was her first audition, and taken after one lesson on tympani. Her teacher cautioned that she would probably be placed in the lower group. She flew through the audtion and was placed in the upper orchestra, the only percussionist, and one of the few lowerclassmen in the group.

The audition for the Governor’s School was later. There are a lot of applicants, and she auditioned before a panel. She even had to request a snare drum, and fix the mallet instrument before she could audition.

The letter came. She’ll be joining the Governor’s School in the fall. This will mean much longer days – three classes at her high school every day, and then bused to the nearby city and sometimes the university. But it will be better to be among those who are gifted once again.

This weekend, we will be buying a PS/4. She held up her end, we will hold up ours.

And I’m proud to do it.

Photo by Neo Love


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