Bait and Switch/Switch and Bait

Photo by oatsy40

It’s an old con game: bait and switch. It’s illegal in selling practices, but yet people still get away with it.

An internet marketer released three free videos, but without telling anyone, pulled the videos and you have to buy his course to watch them. I get that it was a lead magnet, designed to drum up interest in his course. And I understand that he is free to do as he wishes with his business and site. But still, it reeks of a bait and switch.

Lead magnets are supposed to be straightforward: you provide an email address and the internet marketer gives you something back. Not twists and turns and dead ends.

Of course, the opposite of bait and switch also exists: switch and bait. This is the con known as the shell game. In the shell game a rock is placed under one of three cups. The cups are moved around, and the person has to guess where the rock is. The con is that the rock is slipped out from under the cup and placed elsewhere. The con artist is skillful enough to direct the attention of the observer where he wants it – so that the observer never sees the rock being moved.

It seems like the shell game is what is going on in Washington right now. Something comes up, and someone raises a kerfuffle about something else, distracting our attention away while the rock moves.

But I’m not sure we’re going to lose sight of the rock. I hope we don’t. Because there’s more at stake than just a little con going on.

Photo by oatsy40


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