Creation Vs. Consumption

Photo by gfpeckI recently had a cold. A drippy, snotty, use-a-box-of-tissues-a-day cold. It apparently sucked all the energy out of my body so that it could be applied to making mucous.

All I had energy to do was sit and read. (Thank goodness for Kindle and the 24 hour access to the store! I didn’t even have to get out of my chair to get a book)

So I read.

I read five books in four days.

These were not tomes of wisdom. They were brain candy that required no effort to follow, little imagination, and few brain waves to process.

About day 4 I realized that I had read too much.

It’s kind of like that point you hit after Halloween when you realize that you’re really, really tired of the candy and you’d like a nice carrot.

I hit the point of consumption saturation.

I also felt the need to start writing – or at least plotting out the next book.

I remember that Agatha Christie got into writing because she felt she could do better than the drivel she was reading. I feel that way too.

So I think the time has come to stop consuming and start creating.

In the works: a YA fantasy trilogy. A modern romance. A mystery novel. We’ll see what pops out of the process, ready to go.

Photo by gfpeck



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