Sunless Days

Photo by cbownsWe’ve had a stretch of sunless days lately. The sky has been gray and everything is dim.

But I find that more than a few days without sun makes me tired and cranky. It’s like the clouds invade my mind.

I don’t mind sunless days much. One of my favorite memories of living in Milwaukee is being curled up in a chair reading, looking into my neighbor’s backyard as it dripped. I like rainy and foggy days. But the dreary ones? Well, I can appreciate them…in limited doses.

Of course, that gives a greater appreciation for the days when it isn’t dreary. I make an effort to be outside when the sun is shining, no matter how chilly it is. And when it is rainy or foggy, I like watching out the windows.

Perhaps this is just nature’s way of helping me anticipate the sun of summer.

Photo by cbowns


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