The Cat “Diet”

Photo by lizjones112We have three cats. One elderly, 14.5 years, who has struggled with her weight over the years. One cat, about 2.5 years, who was slim when she came to us and porked up to the size of a racoon. And the kitten.

All three have specific dietary needs. We were feeding the kitten in his own enclosure until he grew too big. The two older cats are on “lite” food.

But the middle cat – whom we’ll call Porky – will eat all cat food that’s not nailed down. She will “share” with the kitten, eating his high-fat, high-calorie food. She will “share” with the elderly cat, pushing her out of the way and blocking access with her (substantial) body.

Porky is fat. No questions about that. So we’ve put her on a diet.

The cats used to be fed three times a day. Porky is only allowed in on two of those sessions.

She didn’t take well to the reduction in her available food, apparently. I got up one morning to find that she had pried the top off the plastic container I keep their food in, turned it on its side and ate her fill.

Needless to say, the container is now locked away.

Photo by lizjones112



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