Snow Days

Photo by timo_w2sWe don’t really do winter in Virginia. At least not the sort of “real” winter I used to see in Wisconsin.

The typical cycle of winter weather goes like this:
1. There is a hint of snow in the forecast
2. Every one runs to the stores and buys up the eggs, milk, bred and beans (canned and dried).
3. The weather forecasters start gearing up for a major event, and give the storm a pet name.
4. Things start to close down.
5. The snow begins. Or not.
6. If the snow actually came, the few snowplows get out and plow the interstate and some of the more major roads.
7. Everyone sits at home and tells themselves it is far to cold/snowy/windy to even venture outside.
8. Things stay closed.
9. The snow melts a bit.
10. Repeat 9 and 10 until the roads are free of snow and ice.

I don’t mind having the occasional snow day. Heaven knows I never got them when I lived in Wisconsin. However, it seems odd to me that when the plows are finished doing the interstates, they go park themselves in the garages. Why not take those machines down the secondaries and make it easier for people to get around?

I am a big proponent for staying home when it snows here. Not because I can’t drive in it. Not because I’m afraid of the other drivers (which I am). But simply because it is dangerous to drive on roads that have turned to ice because they haven’t been treated.

Photo by timo_w2s


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