Sparkly Commonality

Photo by QuasicThis year we added something to our outdoor display at the holidays…namely one of the laser light projectors that splashed red and green moving lights all over the front of our house.

I had seen it at a friend’s house and really liked it, so we decided to do it as well. It made the outside festive without extra work, and complemented our porch lights well.

I was outside observing the lights one evening and made a comment that I was very satisfied with the effect. My daughter said that it was nice, especially since we were the only ones in the neighborhood with the device. “More people having it would make it not so nice.”

I’ve been thinking about that, and how commonality takes the fun out of so many things. Treats are special because they are treats, and not had often. It’s easy to give in to making special occasions and pampering more a part of our lives, but I think it loses something by becoming more common.

So while so many people are urging us to pamper ourselves and do extreme self-care and to wallow in luxury, I think that it loses something by being commonplace.

Photo by Quasic



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