Gifts To Give To Teachers

Photo by alvanmanThere are things you learn as a teacher that you would never learn elsewhere.

One of them is the gifts that teachers will truly use and appreciate.

I used to get my daughter’s teachers gifts of Girl Scout candy. We support the troop, get the teachers gifts, and you’re done. The teachers were always appreciative.

But as a teacher last year, I realized there were other things that would have been better.

  • Packages of colored paper for doing special photocopying. If these aren’t ordered at the end of the year before, the teacher won’t have any.
  • Classroom supplies. By mid-year, Kleenex and hand sanitizer are at low levels.
  • Gift certificates. For coffee, or a quick meal.
  • Jeans money. At the school I taught at, you had to pay $5 to wear jeans. This year, my daughter’s teachers will be getting a jeans day on us.

The other thing I learned: high school teachers are generally not given gifts. But let me tell you, high school teachers have far more stress and attitudes to deal with than the younger kids. Don’t leave them out.

Photo by alvanman



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