Rocks in the Garden

I always wanted to have a beautiful garden, teeming with flowers. When we moved into our house, I spent the better part of a week turning one of the sides of our house into such a garden.

Unfortunately, I forgot about the weeds.

In Virginia, if you leave a spot of ground uncovered and unplanted, weeds will sprout within hours.

Our garden beds have been sadly neglected because we simply don’t have the time to weed.

My husband came up with a solution, and I was skeptical.

He sprayed everything but the big plants, then put down weed fabric, then put down stone.

It looks so much neater, that I begged him to do the rest of the house.

My long garden that I put in? It will be replanted with roses, lavender, and our blueberry and blackberry bushes. I think it will be a great improvement.


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