Halloween’s a-Comin’

Photo by seedoubleyouaretoo

Halloween is my favorite holiday. What started with a light-up pumpkin and paper skeleton has become five room decorations.

The mantel has a sparkly black spiderweb cloth, topped with timed color-changing candles and a vase filled with lit sticks and berries. The dining room table holds a black lace runner with a black glass pumpkin in the middle (and this year two bat candlesticks holding black timed candles). The piano has a purple spiderweb cloth and a stack of books with a raven on top. The stairs have mini Jack o’lanterns, a stuffed black cat and more timed candles.

It feels very festive to me.

And next up is the outside…the floating ghosts, spider egg sacs and (if I can manage it) a yarn spiderweb with two oversized spiders on it. And let’s not forget the smoking caldron.

After all, if I scare away the kids, I get to keep more of the candy, right?

Photo by seedoubleyouaretoo


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