Back To Work

Photo by TheChanel

Well, summer is over, and that means back to school, and for me, back to work.

I didn’t return to the classroom. I chose to return to IT.

It was an easy transition. My former employer called me the day after my resume hit the Internet, and let me know I had never been removed from the books, and did I want to come back?

Easiest. Job. Hunt. Ever.

So I’m back to IT contracting. I’m doing a staff augmentation assignment for a local manufacturer, slinging data. It’s the type of assignment I love, and plays to my strengths. I’m glad to be back and to have such a great assignment with such a great client.

I don’t regret my year in teaching, because I learned a lot about myself. I learned that I need a different type of challenge than the one teaching provides. I need to be taking things apart, putting things together, and creating new. I hope to never utter the slope intercept form of a line again.

I’m also very glad to be able to eat when I’m hungry, go to the bathroom when I needs (instead of holding it until passing time), leave the building in the middle of the day…and most of all, to be able to leave work at work and be done.

I’m still adjusting to the schedule. But that will straighten itself out in the next few weeks.

I can say I am very glad to be back to work.

Photo by TheChanel


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