The Failed Garden

Photo by serenejournalIt’s a running joke in my house, those four square raised boxes in the backyard, filled with dirt.

Every winter I plan. Every spring I plant. And every summer I watch the garden fail.

Except for the plants I can’t stand (rosemary, basil), which I plant to keep bugs off the stuff I want.

This year was worse than most.

My squash failed. Of course. I’m the only person in the world who cannot grow zucchini.

But also my lettuce never came up. My tomatoes withered under the onslaught of near constant rain. The peas withered with the same cause.

Grand total coming out of the garden this year: a handful of green beans and a dozen tiny cherry tomatoes.

That’s a spectacular failure, even for me.

I’m so used to failure in this area that it really doesn’t phase me. There are other hobbies I could have that would be much more expensive to suck at.

I do take comfort in a conversation I had with my next door neighbor, though, who is a master gardener. He said, “I’ve never seen a summer like this. I got maybe six tomatoes, and everything else failed. Except the jalapenos.”

So now that cooler weather is approaching, I will replant with spring veggies. I should be able to get another crop of lettuce, radishes, carrots and peas in. It’s the first time I’ve done a fall garden. We’ll see how it goes.

Photo by serenejournal


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