The Joys of Glamping

Photo by tuchodiI’ll be honest…I love being in the woods, and the sound of rain on canvas.

But my idea of camping has evolved over the past decade.

We used to tent camp. Then we added a gas stove. Then a screen tent (which was abandoned after one use after our car accident). And then air mattresses.

And then came the deluge which found me sitting in our not-quite-waterproof tent, in a puddle, with a wet dog on my lap. And when I stood up I smacked my head on the lantern.

That summer we bought the popup camper.

It’s reasonable. There is a twin bed on one side and a double on the other. There is a cold-water sink that can run off a tank or the water connection. And electricity and lights. And the refrigerator and heater. And AC.

And then as long as I had electricity, I ditched the percolator that spewed grounds out of the spout for a tiny drip machine. And the burner bread petrifier for a toaster. And a microwave. And a hot pot for heating water for dishes.

My friend says that this is glamping. To me it is just convenience that makes it easier to be out in the woods, so that I am not spending every waking moment cooking, cleaning and doing dishes, and so that I can sleep in comfort.

It may not be camping in the true sense, but it’s how I roll.

Photo by tuchodi


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