Cleaning The Kitchen Rug

Photo by jar [o]I’ve never been a fan of any type of textiles on the floor in the kitchen. Particularly when you have a small child or a messy adult eater in the house.

Several years ago, my husband decided to buy an area rug to go under our kitchen table. It’s woven, kind of in an native pattern, and rather light colored.

This is where not only the food lands, but also where any of the animals go when they need to be sick.

Since a typical carpet cleaner won’t work on this rug, I came up with a strategy born of desperation…I use a pressure washer on it. Once a year I haul it out to the driveway, fire up the pressure washer, and clean this rug.

It was a desperate move, but it worked.

We’re coming up on the time when I will do this again. I just have to wait for a day when there will be no rain, so the rug has a chance to dry in the sun.

But the rug will be clean, and it will be very much worth the effort.

Photo by jar [o]


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